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Here's my list of shows, movies, and goals. I'm looking forward this year!!
(I know this is late, but I still wanna make it anyway xD )
1. Wonder Women
2. Stranger Things season 2
3. One Punch Man season 2
4. OITNB season 5
5. Beauty and the Beast live action
6. Samurai Jack
7. Rock and Morty season 3
8. Get out
9. The Bye Bye Man
10. Annabelle 2
11. Hidden Figures
12. Uploading more art
13. Making new friends ( I'm shy af >.>)
14. Making stories with my characters
  • Watching: The Real
Today I went for my job interview at Wendy's and I was so deeply nervous that I wouldn't get the job. So, I went in to see the manager and she instantly hired me in a snap. o.o Well, that was fast. We had a lil 18 minute interview and it was done. I finally got my first job guys, I am so happy!! :D I start training on Thrusday!

Free burgers for everyone~
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  • Watching: Star vs The Forces of Evil
Last Friday, I applied at Wendy's to see if I could get a job. This morning I got a call back from the manager and was hoping I'd be in for the interview tomorrow. I am completely shaking right now and very nervous. I don't wanna screw this up. I really need this job. wish me lots of luck guys!